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Bianca hair whipping Sasha is an all-time WrestleMania moment

It was also the payoff a great story beat from their main event classic.

When she was in NXT, Bianca Belair used her long braid as a whip during matches fairly regularly. It was a crowd-pleasing spot, if one that made you wonder why her opponents didn’t figure out it was coming.

The spot’s been absent from The EST’s main roster run, however. Until Night One of WrestleMania 37, when it appeared at a crucial moment in Belair’s main event battle with Sasha Banks for the SmackDown Women’s title. Even better, in contrast to when it was used mostly for a pop in NXT, the hair whip made perfect sense for the story Sasha & Bianca were telling throughout their match.

You see, The Boss had been using Belair’s hair against her all night. It didn’t always work out for her, but it did often enough - including in this spot where it added leverage to the Banks Statement and very nearly ended The EST’s dreams.

So when Bianca was already frustrated that her rival kicked out of a 450 splash, and Sasha grabbed the hair to thwart Belair’s KOD finisher? Well, you couldn’t blame her for giving the whip it’s WrestleMania moment. Listen to the sound it makes, too!

It cleared the way for the biggest win of Bianca’s career, and it left Sasha with a souvenir.


There’s a lot of things we’ll remember from the final match in Raymond James Stadium on April 10. But the hair whip seems like one we’ll see in highlight videos for years to come. It was both a “HOLY $#!+” moment, and the final tug on a match-long thread, one of the things which made Banks vs. Belair a classic.

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