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Bret Hart feels a certain kind of way about WWE’s leg slap ban

About a month ago, news broke about Vince McMahon banning leg slaps in WWE after watching a wrestler on SmackDown do a terrible job of executing it. The Young Bucks and Matt Hardy immediately spoofed the whole thing, because of course they did.

Drew McIntyre previously addressed how the leg slap ban might affect his Claymore finisher. Now it’s Bret Hart’s turn to chime in on the subject. In typical Bret Hart fashion, he offers tough criticism for WWE even when he agrees with their decisions.

While appearing for a virtual meet and greet with The Asylum Wrestling Store, Bret said the leg slap ban came 10 years too late (transcript courtesy of Post Wrestling):

“I heard a few days ago that they outlawed or banned or nobody’s allowed to do the slap stuff anymore, and I’m like totally — they should’ve stopped that ten years ago. It’s slap, slap, slap, slap, and my brother Owen [Hart] was one of the guys that started a lot of that. He brought it to — he was one of the best at slapping his leg on spin kicks and stuff. But come on, enough is enough, in every match. You see guys do stuff and you’re going, ‘That wouldn’t even make a slap sound.’ When you punch somebody in the jaw, it’s not a slap sound. You know, it’s a different kind of sound and you’re making a slap sound for everything. Every single move you do is a slap sound, slap, slap and I totally agree. I’m glad they put their foot down on that but they’re like ten years late. They’ve already kind of in a lot of ways, sadly, ruined wrestling by making it so fake.”

So if I understand Bret’s position correctly, slap, he approves of WWE cracking down on this, slap slap, but they should have done it ten years ago, slap slap slap, and it’s too bad that they ruined scripted competition by, slappity slap slap slap, making it look faker than it already is.

What do you think of Bret’s take on WWE’s leg slap ban?

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