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The WWE Hall of Fame speeches will be much shorter this year

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This year’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony will air next Tuesday (Apr. 6) on Peacock, after being taped this week.

The 2020 ceremony was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, so WWE is squeezing both the 2020 and 2021 inductees into this year’s celebration. Considering how many past Hall of Fame speeches have gone on for so long, it left some fans wondering how WWE will manage the time for this event. It’s actually simple - this year’s speeches will be at least 50% shorter. At least that’s what it sounds like based on Brie Bella’s description from The Bellas Podcast:

“We had a speech written, but then we realized it was too long. Because we’re only allowed to do now our speech for five minutes. Three to five [minutes]. So we wrote a 15 minute speech, ‘cause usually they’re like 10 to 15 minutes. Then we found out, not too long ago, no it has to be three to five [minutes]. To do your Hall of Fame speech and take out that much stuff is really hard. And [Nikki] and I are like how do we condense this? What’s so important? What’s this? What’s that? We want to thank all these people. But we also want to tell stories. It’s just so much...All I know is I look like that emoji where the brain’s coming out of the head and it’s on fire.”

As someone who has trouble keeping things concise and to the point on occasion, I feel Brie’s pain here. It’s hard enough for a wrestler to wrap up their entire career in a 10 minute speech, while also including all the necessary thank yous to everyone who helped make it possible. It’s exponentially more difficult to do all of that in just three to five minutes, unless your name is Rob Van Dam, whose speech is pretty much guaranteed to clock in at 4:20.

Looking at the complete list of the 2020 and 2021 inductees, whose three to five minute speech are you looking forward to the most next week at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony?