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Let’s just do a triple threat for the WWE championship

WWE isn’t doing a great job with the way it’s booking the lead up to the WWE championship match at WrestleMania 37. Sure, Bobby Lashley has been made to look fantastic, and it’s a good thing that he’s champion now, but he won it from The Miz, who looked like arguably the biggest joke champion of all time.

They booked those two in a joke rematch again this week, for whatever reason, while Drew McIntyre, who they’re all but telling us is going to be the next guy to challenge for the title, is still working through his program with Sheamus, who was originally in line for a title shot in a singles match before he was boned into being just another guy in a Elimination Chamber match. That was, of course, just before McIntyre lost the title to Miz, who, as we just mentioned, sucked and immediately lost it to Lashley.

This is a really long, roundabout way to get to Lashley vs. McIntyre for the title without making anyone look bad (other than Miz, of course, who couldn’t possibly look worse in all this).

What I’m more focused on is the fact that McIntyre and Sheamus have now had two singles matches in back-to-back weeks that have torn the house down. They beat the trash out of each other last week, with McIntyre winning via pinfall after a Claymore, and then they beat the trash out of each other again this week in a No Disqualification match. Only this time, they booked a No Contest finish with neither of the two able to continue after they ran steel steps into each other’s heads.

It was a bad finish that clearly showed they’re doing this on the fly and trying not to hurt anyone too much with clean losses while still booking the matches. Despite all this, the matches themselves have been incredible, exactly the kind of physically brutal battles we rarely get to see anymore. They’ve got a legitimate story behind it, sure, but what’s great about these two and the fact that they’re having these violent matches means they don’t particularly need much backstory.

Give me big beefy bastards beating the hell out of each and I’m satisfied.

Speaking of which, the story of McIntyre vs. Lashley isn’t all that compelling to me either. So why not just give us McIntyre vs. Lashley vs. Sheamus in a triple threat and let all three of these big boys throw hands. It would be a great time!

Good enough to forget about all the bad booking leading up to it, even.

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