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More reasons to love The New Day

Above is an extra from the WWE 24 on Big E that the promotion released today featuring a look at why E started throwing his jacket at Corey Graves. Really, it’s a look at the why and the how The New Day does all the weird and wacky things they do.

I love the explanation we get for it:

Big E: “Usually when I do stuff it’s ‘let me try something and if I don’t get yelled at I’ll probably keep doing it.’”

Xavier Woods: “People have asked ‘why did you guys have pancakes?’ We had a Lumberjack tag match but there’s three of us. That means that one of us is not in the match. So I went with my lumberjack cosplay. E goes ‘we need something else — flapjacks.’ I’m like, ‘pancakes?’ He’s like ‘yeah!’ So we got pancakes. And then the next week we said ‘that was really fun throwing pancakes around. You wanna do it again?’ So it evolved into us having pancakes.”

How can you not be a fan of these guys?

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