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Your latest reminder that nothing matters

Remember back in 2020 when Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio feuded for approximately ever? I think there were eyeballs involved... it was a whole thing.

As part of that, Rey started bringing his daughter Aalyah to shows with him? And after we all went “OMG that’s the little girl Punk sang a creepy rendition of ‘happy birthday’ to? God, we’re old,” she started a Romeo & Julie thing with Seth’s disciple Murphy? There was a whole debate about the angle being creepier than Punk’s serenade, but we were also happy our former Buddy was getting a push? The Mysterios accepted him into the family, and Rollins went on paternity leave?

What happened after that?

Doesn’t matter.

I guess we should just be thankful that Seth is actually still mad at him (and for whoever is helping him with his wardrobe choices since his return, but that’s a whole nother story).

But if you’re hoping for any explanation of what happened with Aalyah, or why he’s not hanging with Rey & Dominik, or where he’s been, or anything like that, we didn’t get it. And I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Which is honestly fine, because it’s not like that was a good story anyway. Mostly I’m just mad at myself for constantly forgetting that every plot twist and character tweak and winning or losing streak is one creative whim away from not mattering.

Anyway, welcome back Murph.

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