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A very cool Twitter exchange between The Rock and The Hurt Business

It was absolutely still a huge part of the story, but it’s nice that Bobby Lashley being African-American wasn’t the main headline after his WWE title win on Monday night.

Wrestling’s history when it comes to race - Lashley is only the third Black man to hold that particular belt in its 58 year history, and that fact is far from the worst example of the business/artform’s bias - is part of why it was a big deal (the other parts are the world’s history when it comes to race).

And that’s what a fan was trying to express when he tweeted this art depicting a young Black kid looking at a mural of The Rock, Kofi Kingston & Lashley with the belt.

One of the men depicted was a fan.

But because Twitter (and also the world) is what it is, rather than just keep it moving, someone had to chime in to “mmm... actually” this fan. At least that’s how we got the other two men depicted involved. First, MVP had to be there to support the original poster - and along with an assist from indie announcer Lenny Leonard, try to educate the person who responded to them:

Which is when we get a very cool run-in from the first Black WWE champion, who also happens to be one of the biggest stars in the entire world...

Which gives Lashley and Rocky a chance to pay their respects to one another...

Everything about this is very cool. Representation will always be good, even if we someday reach a place that a non-white person getting a chance to be the star isn’t news at all.

And if you disagree? Might I request you let those of us who think so have a moment before you try to tell us we’re wrong?

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