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Eva Marie and the Brock Lesnar clone are at it again

We first heard about Eva Marie’s impending return to WWE back in October, but here we are nearly five months later without seeing her on WWE television. There might still be room for her to challenge Asuka for the Raw women’s championship at WrestleMania 37, but she’ll have to come back fast and nudge Charlotte Flair out of the way in order to make that happen.

At any rate, one month ago Eva revealed a picture of her with Parker Boudreaux at a Royal Rumble viewing party. Boudreaux is known for having an uncanny resemblance to Brock Lesnar, to the point where Paul Heyman took notice and agreed that he will be something special. Parker signed a contract with WWE earlier in February and is currently training in the Performance Center.

That leads us to this new picture of Eva and Parker together that he tweeted out:

Eva Marie chimed in on Twitter with the the all caps phrase, “TIME TO EAT”.

At the very least, this will continue to keep the buzz going around about Marie and Boudreaux being a packaged item whenever they finally do show up on WWE television screens. It seems to me that Eva Marie is much farther along to making it onto Raw or SmackDown than the Lesnar clone is, though, so I’m not so sure about that. Then again, the real Brock Lesnar hasn’t been seen in WWE in 11 months, so perhaps they will try to immediately replace him in the cast with Boudreaux and hope nobody notices the difference.

Are you falling for the temptation to read too much into these monthly photos of Eva Marie and Parker Boudreaux?

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