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NXT announces Taya Valkyrie’s arrival in the cutest way ever

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Throughout the Mar. 31 NXT, we were treated to this guy...

He made his way into, and as dogs will do - all around, the Capitol Wrestling Center.

As long-time followers of my man Manolo’s lucha libre coverage no doubt noted, that guy looks familiar. It’s Vampiro & Karrion Kross’ nemesis, and Taya Valkyrie & John Morrison’s pampered pooch, Prince Presley.

And sure enough, the Prince (not to be confused with Kross’ current nemesis, Finn Bálor) made his way to a familiar looking heeled boot. It looks like former Impact Knockouts champ Taya Valkyrie will make her WWE debut when the black-and-gold brand makes its Tuesday night debut after WrestleMania.

Is “Franky” Taya’s WWE name? Or Prince Presley’s? What will Wera Loca do once she shows up? Who will be NXT Women’s champ when she gets there?

Weigh in below. When you’re done saying “awwwww”, that is.

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