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Edge on Christian signing with AEW: ‘I want him to be happy, and... get the respect that he deserves’

His wife let the world know her thoughts after his best friend debuted for AEW at Revolution. But Edge didn’t follow Beth Phoenix’s lead in talking about Christian leaving WWE after their emotional in-ring reunion at Royal Rumble.

Now he has, and the sentiments are much the same.

The Rated R Superstar told Jimmy Traina of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast:

‘You know, I’m not bummed. I want him to be happy, and I want him to get the respect that he deserves. Because I’d like for him to get the on-air respect that the locker room shows him. Because If you ask anyone within our industry, he’s one of the names where people go, ‘Man, that dude.’ Like, if you watch the latest Broken Skulls Sessions with Randy Orton, and you watch Steve and Randy talk about Jay and what he brings to the table.

“So I just want him to be wherever he’s going to get that respect. Because whatever the initials are, he’s my best friend. I want him to be happy, and I want him to be able to do hopefully what I get to do do, which is go out on your own terms, and see this thing through properly instead of just like, ‘You’re done.’ ‘Wait, what? I’m what?’ We’ve both been in that scenario. So I just want him to go wherever that’s gonna be.”

Edge also told Traina that, while he’d shared his hopes for a tag run with his childhood friend, he thinks Christian Cage heading to AEW while he wrestles for WWE makes sense:

“Yeah, and even in terms of just — even in storyline terms. I mean, we were only a team for two years on programming. People don’t think about that. We’ve been singles way more than we were a tag team. We just happened to be a tag team in a pocket with a number of group of teams that were able to create something, and create something pretty memorable. Because all of those things came together at the right time. But the totality of it is, we’re looking at like two years.”

Most fans will always, at least partially, think of them as Edge & Christian. But these quotes make you realize that’s probably more because of their real world bond than their kayfabe “brotherhood”.

So while many of us wanted that tag reunion, this fits well. And knowing how happy Edge is, we can all feel a little better about celebrating Christian Cage being on his own (at last... again).

H/T: 411mania for transcription

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