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MVP is trying his damnedest to salvage The Hurt Business’ WrestleMania angle

WWE’s YouTube

Even though we knew WWE was in the process of transforming WWE champion Bobby Lashley from an unstoppable force into a cowardly heel, Monday night’s episode of Raw was still a colossal let down.

Just ask the main man Dave Bautista...

Splitting up The Hurt Business just weeks after they were posing with lots of gold was just one step in the plan to turn Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre into one of WrestleMania 37’s sucky stories, however. Raw’s closing angle saw King Corbin make an appearance to collect the bounty Lashley had put on McIntyre’s head. It looked as if Bobby & Montel Vontavious Porter had ditched Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin for a guy who’s held one singles title during his entire, nearly decade-long WWE career.

In an effort to clean up this mess, and to clarify things since he said “this is the hurt business” while on commentary during Lashley & Corbin’s beat down of Drew in reference to their actions, MVP is putting in work on Twitter today:

It’s a decent effort. Doesn’t explain why WWE can’t stay out of its own way and just book this feud like the superfight it should be, but at least he’s trying.

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