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Andrade says jealousy of Charlotte Flair has caused problems in the WWE women’s locker room

Charlotte Flair’s Instagram

During Andrade’s first interview as a free agent on Monday (Mar. 29), the big Charlotte Flair story was that WWE’s medical team incorrectly told her she was pregnant - a misdiagnosis which may have been a factor in her being removed from plans for WrestleMania 37.

But that was only the start of Andrade talking to Hugo Savinovich of Lucha Libre Online about his fiancée and WWE.

Throughout the interview, Andrade repeatedly mentions that he doesn’t want to say too much out of concern it will cause trouble for Flair since she’s still with WWE - and as far as we know, has no plans to leave. He emphasizes that she’s not a main eventer because of her father (two-time Hall of Famer Ric), but because of her own hard work and abilities.

His opinion isn’t shared by some in the locker room, as Andrade says there’s a lot of jealousy directed at Charlotte. He also says that wrestlers Flair’s worked with have complained about elements of their matches, including that she works too stiff. That’s caused “problems”, including a scary anecdote Andrade shared about someone taking a picture of Charlotte while she was changing. He doesn’t say what became of the privacy-violating picture, or discuss motives. But he implies it was a co-worker, and says they didn’t tell WWE about it - Andrade mentions that he’s not worried about her in general, as she knows how to defend herself, and has risen to WrestleMania main event status on her own.

The conversation with Savinovich also includes Andrade’s opinion of the WWE women’s roster, notably that there are only three or four wrestlers on it who are capable of working a 20 minute match. He doesn’t say that Charlotte shares this opinion, but it’s hard to imagine co-workers who already have an issue with her aren’t going to assume she does.

If The Queen decides she doesn’t want to deal with heat from anyone backstage, her future husband says she has plenty of external options. Those sound like they’re above and beyond the Walking Tall television project WWE Studios helping to produce.

So, in case Charlotte’s on-screen story isn’t working for you when she returns, you can apply some of this behind-the-scenes drama to the kayfabe one.

Thanks to Magi on Twitter for a translated summary of the Andrade interview, and to our own Manolo for clarification and verification.

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