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Move over Snickers, Old Spice has the best WWE spots now

We’ve long been big fans of the Snickers commercials featuring WWE Superstars that come out around WrestleMania. The the latest one, featuring a VR-playing Miz, has it’s moments:

Accidentally punching somebody in the face is always funny, and Miz’s delivery of his catchphrase after a great pratfall is money, too.

But sorry, Snickers, you’ve been passed in the race for the “best use of wrestlers to sell stuff” race.

It’s not really a fair comparison, as Old Spice has basically taken over the already entertaining 24/7 title scene, repackaged NXT’s Rik Bugez as their lead character/pitchman, and started telling an ongoing story.

The follow-up to the series that started with a Fastlane spot is pretty flawless, though. I think it’s my favorite WWE comedy since Fashion Files...

“Ninja Referee!” The Night Panther sound effect. Drew Gulak keeping the light bulb swinging. R-Truth being R-Truth. The door gag.

Grab a Snickers and join me as I await the next installment in “The Prophecy of the Night Panther.”

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