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Bro, Riddle forgot what he was saying bro

At least one interesting thing happened on Raw last night (Mar. 29). It was during one of Riddle’s “scoot around and say dumb stoner stuff” segments. Not the one that ended with Sheamus shoulder blocking him into a container... this one came later in the show.

Maybe the United States champion thought this was a pre-tape he could have another take at? Or maybe he just didn’t care?

The wild thing is it works. One of the benefits of having your gimmick just be “scoot around and say dumb stoner stuff”. Someone who would roll up to Titus O’Neil and tell him to roast a pig in the ring at WrestleMania (and not be talking about Hulk Hogan) would definitely lose their train of thought while pitching a Japanese scooter scheme to Asuka and just decide to kick push coast out of frame.

You could also say he was selling the effects of his loss to Sheamus, but that’s not as much fun.

Maybe Matt Riddle will remember his line in time for WrestleMania, bro? Bro, it doesn’t matter!

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