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Johnny Gargano therapies on Austin Theory & Dexter Lumis’ bromance

Austin White’s Twitter

With Austin Theory charmed by his trip (via a white van after being chloroformed) to Dexter Lumis’ house and Indi Hartwell full on crushing on the dead-eyed caricaturist, Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae decided to take their “kids” to therapy.

It didn’t go well.

As Theory was still defending his kidnapper and Hartwell daydreaming about Lumis, Johnny snatched Indi’s doodle pad from her...

... and proceeded to have a meltdown. The counselor, who already asked everyone but Austin to leave, tried to calm him down, but Johnny did not want to be therapied on (say it out loud, when you’re sure no one is around).

Gargano tried to text instructions to his wife from outside the door, but he wasn’t that slick.

Or was he? Turns out he cut a deal with the therapist to tell Theory that Dexter Lumis hates him. Being a simpleton, the poor guy fell for it. And he was heartbroken.

This doesn’t solve the Indi problem, and if someone can figure out how to talk sense to Theory, he’s not gonna be happy with The Way either.

For now, Johnny therapied on all of them.

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