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Pat McAfee shoots down Cody-started rumor he wants to sign with AEW

WWE NXT’s Twitter

Cody Rhodes is set to team with Red Velvet against Shaquille O’Neal & Jade Cargill on AEW Dynamite tonight (Mar. 3). Before doing that, Rhodes put on his Executive Vice-President hat and did his usual pre-PPV media call ahead of Sunday’s Revolution show.

One of the topics Cody was asked about Shaq’s boasting that tonight’s match will top all other celebrity wrestling matches throughout history. Pat McAfee’s exchange with Miro in response to O’Neal’s claim was mentioned, and the American Nightmare referenced that right off the top:

“I didn’t see this particular comment, especially from Pat, which is super bizarre cause - just bizarre - cause I’m pretty sure Pat’s trying to get a job at AEW like every other day, but that’s another conversation.”

Since Cody’s call was happening while McAfee does his daily radio/streaming show, he was able to respond in almost real time...

“Cody Rhodes just said I’ve been trying to get employed by the AEW or whatever every other day. So I’d like that to be known that is not true, okay. I’ve actually contemplated retirement here more than I’ve contemplated going to AEW. I have been in a little bit of a spat here though with a couple AEW - not a couple, but Rusev - old friend of ours, now Miro, kind of came after us and we kind of flipped the script on him a little bit. And Shaq obviously. And I do have to watch that match tonight. But aside from that, I am not [doing anything with AEW]. I would just like that to be very clear.”

So don’t even think about running with that, Randall Ortman! Nice try though, Cody.

And Pat, don’t even joke about retirement.

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