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Kacy Catanzaro reveals she’s out with a knee injury

A partially torn LCL hopefully won’t keep the American Ninja Warrior down for long, though.

There’s been a fair amount of confusion surrounding the status of NXT’s Kacy Catanzaro.

She was written off television last Wednesday (Feb. 24) when Xia Li “purged” her by stomping on her leg while it was propped on the ring steps. Later in the episode, commentary mentioned Catanzaro had suffered a broken leg.

Matt Camp’s NXT Injury Report, a mix of kayfabe and real news, listed Catanzaro as “not medically cleared” with an undiagnosed leg injury.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio was paying more attention to this than almost anyone else, first saying the angle was cover for a real injury, then clarifying it wasn’t a bad one.

With all the speculation, Catanzaro jumped on Instagram with her own update.

It seems Meltzer was pretty much on it... Kacy has a partially torn LCL. We don’t know the severity, but since she doesn’t mention any of the other knee ligaments, so that probably means she hasn’t had or won’t be having surgery. Non-surgical treatment of LCL injuries involves things like physical therapy and wearing a brace, and can range from being laid up for a couple days to several weeks.

At this point, the real life knee issue is helping get Li’s new gimmick over. Hopefully it won’t take Catanzaro too long to get over her injury.

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