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We can’t have nice things in WWE

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw was atrociously bad, just an absolutely repulsive show from top to bottom. Somehow, though, WWE was set to end it with an incredible segment.

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and his challenger at WrestleMania 37, Drew McIntyre, were in the ring in each other’s faces yelling at one another with all kinds of fire and passion. It was good! We don’t need dumb music videos or supernatural thrill rides or stories recycled from two weeks ago to make things interesting. No, you just need two guys to talk people into the building with a fire promo and then throw some hands after to tease just how good the match is going to end up being. That’s what they did here, and it was great!

Then, this happened:

Yep. Baron Corbin showed up. Proving, once again, we simply cannot have nice things in WWE. Not ever.

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