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Soulja Boy is still going at Randy Orton

It was a few weeks ago that Soulja Boy called WWE fake on social media and the pro wrestling industry got all up in arms about it as they are wont to do when anyone of note uses the dreaded “f” word. Randy Orton led the charge, which led to a prolonged back-and-forth between the two.

Many threats were thrown around, but it started to die out because where would it go, right?

About that...

I started writing this up hours ago but haven’t been able to finish it for this long because I’m still laughing at this man calling him “Randy Organ.”

He’s big mad, though:

Orton has yet to respond to these latest shots, which is disappointing considering he’s equally as entertaining when he lets loose on Twitter. He has a WrestleMania 37 match to promote, though, instead of engaging in social media feuds that won’t go anywhere.

Stay tuned anyway.

UPDATE: Orton has responded.

Oh my.

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