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WWE names its 10 most controversial WrestleMania moments

10. Shinsuke Nakamura low blows AJ Styles
9. Doink assists Doink
8. The Rock costs John Cena the WWE championship
7. Eve Torres nut shots Zack Ryder
6. Rob Gronkowski runs in from the crowd
5. Hulk Hogan beats Yokozuna for the WWE title
4. Santina debuts, wins battle royal
3. Stone Cold Steve Austin aligns with Vince McMahon
2. Raw General Manager reverses decision, Michael Cole wins match
1. Seth Rollins cashes in Money in the Bank contract to win WWE championship

I love this list. Of course WWE isn’t going to use its Top 10 gimmick video to get real in any sort of meaningful way but this is all just so very standard. A Money in the Bank cash-in at number one? Especially when that Money in the Bank cash-in was widely cheered and heralded as the right decision?

Seems strange.

Still, there you go. If nothing else, enjoy a look back at some fun moments from past WrestleMania events in advance of the next WrestleMania event that will, hopefully, give us a few more fun moments to add to future lists not unlike this one.

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