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Kevin Owens already has plans for after he’s done with Sami Zayn

(And he has no opinion on Logan Paul)

Of late, Paul Heyman’s been giving us the buzzworthy moments on Talking Smack every Saturday. He’s a part of the best bit (for my money, anyway) from the Mar. 27 edition, but not in the usual way.

Instead, Heyman is the foil for his old verbal rival Kevin Owens. KO sits down with Paul and Kayla Braxton fresh off learning he’s getting a singles match against Sami Zayn at WrestleMania 37. Going one-on-one with someone he considers “more like a brother than a friend” on the grandest stage of them all is “a dream come true”. It has Owens is an exuberant mood.

What does Kevin want to do when he’s feeling great? F*** with Paul Heyman, that’s what.

He pre-empts Heyman even asking about Sami’s promised guest star for next week’s SmackDown, YouTube star Logan Paul: “I have no opinion on this guy. I don’t - whatever he’s here for, whatever him and Sami got going on, that’s their problem.”

KO baits Roman Reigns’ special counsel into delivering his “that’s not a prediction” catchphrase, then frustrates Heyman by stepping on it by shouting “THAT’S A SPOILER!” And finally, he subtly, giddily intimates that he’s not done with the Universal champ (if Reigns leaves his Triple Threat at ‘Mania as Universal champ) just yet...

What a coincidence! We also love Money in the Bank!

We also love Kevin Owens... especially when he’s driving Paul Heyman crazy.

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