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Raquel González is stupid strong

Matt Camp’s latest NXT Injury Report video is a bit of a letdown. The Mar. 24 episode it’s based on thankfully didn’t feature any real injuries (it was Dynamite’s Wednesday for shoulder separations, I guess), but it was eventful. He could have at least updated us on Tommaso Ciampa’s chest post-WALTER chop, or told us that William Regal’s jaw was sore after Adam Cole decked him in a fallout video.

But he did tell us that Women’s champ Io Shirai is okay after she got one-armed powerbombed onto the announce desk by her TakeOver: Stand & Deliver challenger Raquel González. And that reminded me how impressive both spots Big Mami Cool did with the move this week were.

Sure, it looks like the recipient helps somewhat with their left arm. The lift and carry is still mostly on González, though. Booting Io off the apron WHILE she has Zoey Stark in position? That’s some real hoss $#!+.

The one that put Shirai (kinda) on the Report isn’t as impressive, but Raquel gets style points for the point before the spin-and-slam.

Anyway, here’s the video, and the full list of what it covers:

  • Io Shirai: medically cleared; ready for TakeOver
  • Drake Maverick: internal injuries; day-to-day
  • Jessi Kamea: ankle injury; day-to-day

For complete results and the live blog for NXT this week click here. To read a recap & review of all the night’s events click here. For a full playlist of the show click here.

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