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Seth Rollins reveals the inspiration for THE DRIP, won’t reveal Becky Lynch’s plans

You say, “Ugh, Sean gushing about Seth Rollins again?”


The Drippy One was interviewed by Dayton 24/7 Now today (Mar. 26), and managed to remain his delusionally douche-y self while blending work and shoot in his answers to Stuart Osborne’s questions. You can watch the whole thing here, but there are a couple of Seth’s responses I’ll highlight. If you choose not to click through to the video, know that he brought this energy throughout...

His A to the Q in that clip revealed THE SECRET OF THE DRIP!

“I mean, I’m a new father. What do you think, I want my baby daughter to turn on the TV and see me looking like a schlub? No! Absolutely not. This is her history. She needs to know, when she’s old enough, she needs to turn on the TV here in a couple months and be like oh, dad is the best dressed man on the planet. I can’t have her looking at me thinking that her dad’s a loser. I’m not a loser, so, you wanna dress the part - you know what I mean?”

Roux is the inspiration for THE DRIP! Which probably confirms that Becky Lynch is dressing him, but whatevs. Point is he’s not a loser.

Speaking of Bex, Osborne tried to get some information out of Rollins about the missus. NO DICE, LOCAL TV MAN!

“What is with... [laughs] Do you have a wife sir? [Osborne says he’s happily married] Would you betray your wife’s trust for a television interview? Come on now, I would never, I would never - it is not a smart thing to do, you’ve gotta go home to your wife, I’ve gotta go home to my wife. I would never - all respect in the world to you, appreciate the background - but there’s no way I’m gonna divulge Becky Lynch’s secrets. Come on. Come on! You’ve gotta be smarter than that.”


Ahem, sorry.

Join us in our SmackDown live blog tonight as Seth will reveal his WrestleMania 37 plans. But please, no #ROLLINSSHAMING...

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