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MJF explains why NXT should be happy about moving to Tuesday nights

Innes McVey

There have been many rumors and reports going around for the last month about NXT permanently moving to Tuesday nights immediately following WrestleMania 37. Shawn Michaels, who is one of Triple H’s top consultants in NXT, responded to those reports by admitting it wouldn’t be a bad thing for NXT. Meanwhile, AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes said he wouldn’t be surprised if WWE is actually planning something else for Wednesday nights in order to maintain direct competition against Dynamite.

Last September, AEW star Chris Jericho called NXT’s ratings results on Wednesday night an embarrassment. The Demo God said it was obvious that NXT should move to a different night. Now it’s MJF’s turn to pile on, suggesting that NXT should be happy about moving off Wednesdays. Here is how the self-proclaimed Ratings Ruler explained his perspective to Sports Illustrated:

“There are a lot of ways to counter-program in TV land, but there is literally nobody in all of professional wrestling that can counter-program me or deliver higher ratings than me. My advice, if they are moving to Tuesdays, is to go out there and have fun. Put out the best product you can, and just be glad you don’t have to go face-to-face against me in any capacity.”

While discussing his new faction known as The Pinnacle, MJF then loses all credibility by indicating that Shawn Spears will be widely recognized as a top star in AEW:

“It’s incredible to me that we are so talented that we have Wardlow in a Big Bubba Rogers position. He’s gigantic and a freak athlete. FTR is the best tag team in the world. I’m also so excited for the world to see Shawn Spears. He’s never received the proper spotlight, but now people are going to recognize how incredible he is.”

The Pinnacle recently made their debut by annihilating Jericho’s Inner Circle. This has naturally led to fan speculation about a future Blood & Guts match, which is theoretically AEW’s version of WarGames. Here is what MJF had to say about that idea:

“Personally, I’m not sure it would be the right fit for me. I’ve seen the ‘Lights Out’ matches, the deathmatches, and I don’t know if that’s for me. But down the road, if it made sense, this would be the best blood-and-guts match in the history of the business.”

Technically speaking, there has still never been a Blood & Guts match in AEW history, so it’s hard to argue against the idea that The Pinnacle vs. The Inner Circle would be the best one ever.

Do you think MJF is correct when he says that NXT should be relieved about moving away from direct competition with AEW Dynamite?

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