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Go out of your way to catch Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly war of words from tonight’s NXT

The Mar. 24 NXT built to a main event contract signing between Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly. The former Undisputed ERA brothers have been trying to kill each other since Cole superkicked O’Reilly at the end of February’s TakeOver: Vengeance Day. Tonight, Kyle told Roderick Strong there was no coming back for any of the ERA brothers, and we saw footage of Adam busting into a gym to try and attack KOR for attempting to drive him off the road last week.

When the time came for them to sit down and sign the contract for an Unsanctioned match that will co-main event night two of TakeOver: Stand & Deliver on April 8, we were expecting fireworks. What we got was even better.

Here’s the video, along with some transcription via Steve Juon’s excellent live blog:

Cole: Regal, I want to tell you a little story. Imagine that you were born blind and could not see and then one day you wake up and you can see everything.

We call that a revelation, and I had one. I realized I didn’t need The Undisputed Era any more. In fact they were holding me back. You know who made me realize that? It was YOU Kyle! I bought into this BS that it was about brotherhood. It was never about that Kyle. I watched you challenge for the title not once, but twice, and then fail not once, but twice. Then you tried to befriend Finn Bálor? To join The Undisputed Era? Had you lost your mind?

Then I realized it. You are a sidekick, comfortable being on the sidelines, and that is NOT ME. I am NOTHING like you! You lost sight of what this was, of what The Undisputed Era was. It wasn’t about friendship, it wasn’t about brotherhood, it was about being the best, and you’re looking at the best.

Honestly Kyle you should be thanking me. Do you think you would have made it to WWE if it wasn’t for me? Do you think The Undisputed Era works without Adam Cole? I’M THE ONE WHO LED THE CHARGE, I’M THE ONE WHO MAIN EVENTED, I’M THE ONE WITH THE THE LEGENDARY TITLE RUN, I’M THE ONE WHO SOLD THE T-SHIRTS, UNDISPUTED ERA WITHOUT ADAM COLE IS NOTHING AND YOU KYLE O’REILLY ARE NOTHING!! I can not wait to fight you at Takeover and you want to know why? I already know who wins. The whole world knows who wins. The only one who doesn’t know is the pathetic lap dog sitting across this table.

O’Reilly: We’ve known each other a long time — at least I thought we did. Four hungry pitbulls looking to take our spot at the top where we belonged. We didn’t give a damn about who’s expense or who was footing the bill. We will forever have heat with the General Manager and a whole locker room full of guys.

I grew up though. I started to take some accountability for my actions. No more sneak attacks. No more four on one beatdowns. No more BS. We’ve become better wrestlers, better fighters, champions, we became stars, but only one of us became a better PERSON, a better human being. Adam Cole is just the same asshole that walked into this place three and a half years ago.

I keep forcing myself to really truly believe the last three and a half years meant nothing. I’m forcing myself to believe this, because if any part of me thinks you and I could be cool again, go for a beer again, I won’t do what is necessary to put you down for good. I sold my soul for The Undisputed Era and I want it back. You are an insecure prick who used his best friends and that is so so cold and somehow I am not surprised in the least but let me tell you something Cole, not one single person is going to be surprised — LOOK ME IN THE EYES — not one single person will be surprised after I beat you into a pulp. For the first time in damn near four years, I’ll sleep like a baby.

Check out the announced card for both night’s of Stand & Deliver here.

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