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WWE no longer a defendant in sexual assault civil suit against Matt Riddle

Gabe Sapolsky’s motion to be removed was also granted by the court. Samantha Tavel’s suit against Riddle continues after his motion was denied.

Judge James B. Parsons

In October of last year, Samantha Tavel named WWE, Evolve, former Evolve booker & current NXT producer Gabe Sapolsky, and Matt Riddle in a multi-million dollar civil lawsuit centered around her #SpeakingOut allegation that Riddle sexually assaulted her after an Evolve show in 2018.

Though Riddle’s attempts to have the lawsuit dismissed have failed, lawyers for WWE and Sapolsky were successful in getting their clients removed as defendants from Tavel’s suit. That per a ruling today (Mar. 24) by Judge Manish S. Shah of the United States District Court, Northern District of Illinois first reported by PWInsider:

“The court ruled that Tavel failed to argue factually that the court held any jurisdiction over WWE or Sapolsky and could not prove that either were in any way connected to her claims against Riddle.“

Attorneys for Riddle also argued the court’s lack of jurisdiction over him, and that the allegations failed to meet federal pleading requirements, in a December filing. Those motions we denied.

Riddle, the current WWE United States champion, has repeatedly denied the allegations of assault while admitting to extramarital affair with Tavel, who wrestles & performs under the name Candy Cartwright. The lawsuit against Riddle and Evolve will continue, but seeing as WWE purchased Evolve’s assets after the promotion was shut down last year, it’s likely the former UFC fighter will end up the sole defendant in the case.

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