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Aleister Black & Thea Trinidad among those reacting to Andrade’s WWE release

Thea Trinidad’s Twitter

When he signed with WWE in 2015, Manny “La Sombra” Oropeza was considered a pretty much can’t miss prospect. Now that his run as Andrade at the company is over, there will be lots of analysis about why it didn’t work out. But he’s still thought of a big star by many in the wrestling industry - and you can tell by the reactions to Sunday night’s news of his release.

Because some of these are from folks who have ties to Andrade, or who find themselves in similar situations with WWE. Some are from wrestlers he could be working with in the future. As such, they’re ripe for interpretation and speculation.

Have at it...

Getting particular attention are a pair who both have history with Andrade, and who are in similar situations to his. That he responded to both is cool... does it tell anything about their futures?

So will Thea “Zelina Vega” Trinidad manage her husband or her former business associate when Tommy End and Andrade feud in AEW?

Shoot, I’m getting ahead of myself. Tranquilo, Sean. Tranquilo.

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