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Seth Rollins is out here using his bad babyface tweets as perfect heel ones


I’ve written several pieces over the past week about how much I adore what Seth Rollins has been doing with his character lately - on social media in particular. While I greatly enjoyed his interviews before and after Fastlane last night (Mar. 21), I wasn’t going to get into it again.

But I decided I would because (a) the internet needs more stuff about things people like, and (b) this is SO GOOD.

As you’re probably aware, one of the things Rollins appears to be parodying with his latest heel upgrade is how awkward he was a babyface - especially on Twitter. His attempts at positive or motivational posts led to beefs with other wrestlers, or just being so gotten-to that he’d deactivate his account. That’s why the constant, oblivious harping like this...

... is so damn funny.

But his other post-Fastlane tweet took it to the next level. It’s because he’s basically repackaged one of his most controversial “rah rah” face stances...

... for his new schtick...


Is it a problem that I love him as a heel and hated him as a face? I don’t know. I promise to boo him if I ever go to a live wrestling show. Is that good enough for you? #FICKLE

Anyway, great job Rollins, you bastard.

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