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Andrade’s WWE release reportedly doesn’t include a non-compete clause

Somewhat surprising, but Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer reports that Andrade does not have a non-compete with WWE. After being granted his release yesterday (Mar. 21), the former La Sombra can start taking bookings with anyone immediately.

Most had assumed, and some early reports even indicated, Andrade would have a standard 90 day clause, making it so he couldn’t debut for AEW, New Japan, Ring of Honor or his old home in CMLL until June. That’s the usual practice, although there have been exceptions in the past - such as when The Revival were finally let go last year.

But it looks like that’s not the case, so you can start fantasy booking his debut on this week’s Dynamite, or with his old Los Ingobernables mate RUSH at ROH’s 19th Anniversary PPV this weekend (appearances overseas at show’s like NJPW Sakura Genesis will be trickier, since he’d have to quarantine).

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