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I think I know why Randy Orton’s wife is mad at Alexa Bliss

Shortly after Fastlane last night (Mar. 21) featured a burnt up Fiend helping Alexa Bliss pick up a pinfall victory over 14 time WWE champion Randy Orton, Mrs. Orton tweeted this...

Surely Kim Orton, a lifelong fan who met the love of her life from a seat at a show he was wrestling on, knows that Bray Wyatt wasn’t really summoned from a charred grave beneath the ring by Bliss to attack her husband, right? Is she just playing along with the storyline?


Well, I mean...

... okay.

Leave it to Randy to have the perfect response not only to Kim, but to also tie this into his ongoing Twitter beef with Soulja Boy:

Randy Orton’s Twitter

Of course, he deleted it. Which can only mean one thing...


But wait! Randall Keith with the save... OUT OF NOWHERE!

Let’s go ahead and book the Ortons against The Fiend & Lil Miss Bliss just in case, though.

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