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Old Spice commercial features two title changes, better story than many WWE feuds

As WWE works to increase their value to partners by incorporating their product into spots for advertisers’ products, the 24/7 championship changed hands twice during an Old Spice commercial that aired on WWE Network and Peacock during Fastlane last night (Mar. 21).

The 24/7 title is even more of an empty prop than most of WWE’s championships, of course. Bad Bunny literally just handed it to R-Truth for a replica belt last week. But if Truth’s involved, it’s going to be fun.

Throw in NXT’s Rik Bugez as “Joseph Average”, who may or may not be the mythic Night Panther who Akira Tozawa’s heard prophecy about?

This thing was a whole ass story, and honestly more memorable than a lot of WWE’s angles on their main television programs.

Should Tozawa - and everyone involved, really - be doing more than comedy commercials? Maybe. As much as I love watching him and Drew Gulak wrestle, it was me and like 200 other people when they were doing it regularly on 205 Live, so... I’m glad they’re getting paid to do something that entertains people.

Naturally, your mileage will vary. But things like Joe Average’s jump scare double take at seeing a ninja, and any time Akira lets loose with an “R-TRUTH”, make me laugh. I’m probably more interested in seeing what’s next for the Night Panther than I am for whatever Braun Strowman & Shane McMahon do, too.

Now where can I get some of that free Old Spice?

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