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WWE Fastlane 2021 results: Big E retains, catches a beatdown after a botched ending

Big E had successfully defended his Intercontinental title against Apollo Crews before. But until Fastlane, he hadn’t face the new Crews, the ruthless “Real African-American”.

At the start of their match on Sun., Mar. 21, it looked like the only difference was a fired-up, pissed-off E. While splashing Crews repeatedly on the ring apron, the champ told Apollo, “You earned every bit of this ass whooping, and you’re gonna get all of it.”

The man who’s embraced his Nigerian heritage as part of his heel turn wouldn’t go quietly, however. A series of German suplexes put him in the driver’s seat.

Unfortunately, a muddled finish overshadowed the story the men were telling. Crews thwarted a Big Ending and went for a small package. It looked like E’s shoulders were down for three, but then he bridged up and the referee counted three on Apollo.

They recovered to have Crews beatdown E in the aftermath for a “you won the battle, I’ll win the war” tease so they can continue the feud between the two at, or on the road to, WrestleMania 37.

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