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WWE Fastlane 2021 results: Roman Reigns is still your Universal champion but...


Did WWE do a good job of convincing you that Daniel Bryan might actually defeat Roman Reigns in the main event of tonight’s (Sun., Mar. 21, 2021) Fastlane pay-per-view (PPV) at the ThunderDome inside Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida? Did they make you believe he could win the Universal championship and go on to WrestleMania 37 to take on Royal Rumble winner Edge?

Well, he didn’t.

But they told a hell of a story to get there.

The match itself was a stark contrast to what came before it. After showing us Bray Wyatt’s resurrection in a goofy, campy, poorly told story with Alexa Bliss pinning Randy Orton in a sports entertainment special, Bryan and Reigns went out and had an actual wrestling match. Bryan worked a lot of holds and submissions while Reigns attempted to use his physicality to put the challenger away.

Bryan gave everything he had, eventually matching that physicality, seemingly getting closer and closer to Reigns finally fading just enough to submit, but “The Head of the Table” just wouldn’t be put down.

Edge, the Special Enforcer at ringside, ended up getting involved, as expected. When the referee took a bump, that left Edge to step in because, as Michael Cole explained it, he assumed authority at that point.

Naturally, Jey Uso showed up when it seemed Reigns was close to defeat and took everyone down. Bryan got him out by using a chair, which led to his deciding to try to use it on Reigns while all referees were down. Reigns moved, of course, and Bryan ended up hitting Edge.

With all refs down, Bryan put Reigns in the Yes Lock and, shockingly, Roman tapped to it. But, of course, there was no one to call the match and when Edge got back up, he hit Bryan with the chair, then did the same to Reigns before walking out.

A new ref showed up, Reigns dragged himself over to Bryan, covered him, and that was enough to get the three count.

The door has been left wide open for a triple threat match at WrestleMania 37.

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