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Of course Paul Heyman alluded to Charly Caruso’s situation on Talking Smack

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Last week on Talking Smack, Paul Heyman used Christian jumping to AEW as a way to take a shot at Edge.

Heyman’s ‘Reality’ Era bon mot this week was directed at his co-host, Kayla Braxton. It involved another former colleague... or someone the rumor mill is telling us no longer works with Paul & Kayla at WWE, anyway.

It came up as Braxton was attempting to grill Apollo Crews on his new attitude, and find out of if the Real African-American is jealous of the man he’ll face at Fastlane tomorrow (Mar. 21), Intercontinental champion Big E. Heyman takes over the interview, but not before hitting Kayla - and us - with this:

Say what you will about him, but the man knows how to create a viral moment. That’s Paul E for ya.

If you’re looking for the context behind Heyman’s latest “oh no he didn’t” moment, you can find it here.