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This story sucks

Look, I get it that Vince McMahon has long said that WWE isn’t really professional wrestling but rather a sports entertainment companies who don’t promote wrestling matches so much as “make movies” with their television programming. And because the company has prestige, and money, and has more or less buried all its competition throughout its history, we just sort of have to deal with how Vince likes to do things.

But this shit is ridiculous.

Look at this:

I’m fine being the old man yelling at clouds here, but what the hell is this nonsense? What, there are two Randy Orton’s? Or did Bray Wyatt’s spirit, I guess because he’s dead after Orton murdered him on a show by burning him alive and faced no repercussions for it, possess Orton at an earlier time and record a video to air at this time so Orton could watch it and be freaked out over it? This is all leading to Wyatt’s resurrection and, inevitably, some form of match between the two that we’re supposed to be invested in despite the fact that one guy is a demon monster and the other is an evil villain who burned a guy to death.

What the hell happened to a realistic conflict between two tough guys that resulted in a fight? Instead we get Alexa Bliss with apparent superpowers making Orton puke up a bunch of black gunk for reasons that are still unknown. Why is any of this being done, and what purpose does it actually serve?

We’re so far away from what pro wrestling is supposed to be that I can hardly recognize it anymore. That’s not a good thing. It’s just dumb.

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