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A rapper called wrestling ‘fake’ and now I think he’s gonna get his butt kicked by Randy Orton

As Young Rock watchers know, pro wrestlers have long taken issue with anyone using the word “fake” in reference to their business/art.

Soulja Boy must not be watching Dwayne Johnson’s hit sitcom. The rapper, whose 2007 single “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” you’ve probably heard at some point even if you’re not a hip hop head, decided to complain about his industry by comparing it to WWE.

And there must be some sort of bat signal that goes up when a famous person uses the “f” word, because it didn’t take long for the troops to rally to dunk on and threaten Soulja Boy for his transgression...

No one was more upset than our guy Randall Keith Orton, though.

Credit (I guess?) to Soulja Boy for not backing down, but I don’t see how this ends well for him...

Or maybe it does end well for him. In true pro wrestling style, Soulja Boy is running with his overnight Twitter fame, retweeting memes & articles about his beef with Orton, and even hinting at teaming with another rapper with squared circle dreams for a WWE run:

As always, Big E has the correct take on the whole kerfuffle...

Pro wrestling and hip-hop: perfect together.

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