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Cruiserweight champion vs. Cruiserweight champion set for TakeOver: Stand & Deliver

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After watching his boys Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza pick up a win over Breezango, NXT Cruiserweight champion got on the mic to ask if anyone had seen Jordan Devlin. The Irishman promised last week that he’d make his way to the Capitol Wrestling Center for the first time since the pandemic began, and bring his NXT Cruiserweight title with him.

That brought out Devlin, of course. Escobar’s Legado Del Fantasma henchmenwent to get in the ring, but Santos told them to back off. The Cruiserweight title version of the Spider-Man pointing meme played out in the ring, and a war of words between the man who one the title at January 2020’s Worlds Collide and the one who won it in a tournament after COVID travel restrictions locked down the world led to a challenge for TakeOver: Stand & Deliver.

Pretty sure a head butt and a slam means “yes”.

Devlin has a defense against a slimmed down Trent Seven on tomorrow’s episode of NXT UK to deal with first. But I’m betting he’ll be back with his version of the purple belt by April 7 - 8.

Keep up with everything that happens on NXT tonight in our live blog here.

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