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Joshi star Sareee is coming to NXT, with a slightly modified name

Sarray’s Twitter

Way back in February of last year, joshi star Sareee announced she’s signed with WWE. She said her goodbye to her home promotion in Japan, and then the world shut down.

The 24 year old’s arrival has been a foregone conclusion ever since, but she wasn’t mentioned in the Performance Center’s largest ever signing class last month. Turns out that was just because NXT planned to give her a splashier launch.

Meet Sarray...

No word on when the Kyoko Inoue-trained wrestler will debut, but the trailer makes it sound like Triple H and team could have her replacing Io Shirai when her time on the black-and-gold brand is done.

During her career in Japan, Sarray held tag and singles titles for World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana, and won gold in the JWP Joshi Puroresu and Sendai Girls’ Pro Wrestling promotions. If NXT’s handling of the joshi stars that have proceeded her is any indication, she’ll probably pick up another belt or two before she’s done in Orlando.

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