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Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly might be headed to jail after attempted vehicular manslaughter

Adam Cole was very unhappy when he got to the Capitol Wrestling Center tonight (Mar. 17). He demanded Kyle O’Reilly come out and answer for distracting him during his NXT title match against Finn Bálor last week... and for kicking his ass afterwards.

General Manager William Regal arrived to reiterate that in showing up and assaulting his former Undisputed ERA teammate, O’Reilly aggravated the injuries Cole gave him at TakeOver: Vengeance Day and the following Wednesday. Kyle was banned from the CWC, but he was able to get on the screens there. O’Reilly vowed he’d find Cole - at his home, where he gets his video games, anywhere - to get revenge.

The Panama City Playboy basically said “not if I find you first”...

We didn’t hear anything for about an hour, but then Regal was called to an incident outside the CWC. And when he got there, he found O’Reilly in the back of a police vehicle, and Cole in cuffs screaming about how KOR tried to run him off the road.

The GM had seen enough. And if the friends-turned-enemies are out of the hoosegow by next Wednesday, he wants both of them to show up to NXT so he can make a plan to settle this once and for all.

Wonder if that plan could involve a match at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver...

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