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I hate Seth Rollins’ new gimmick (for the right reasons)

When Seth Rollins returned from paternity leave last month, many fans asked where the “SmackDown Savior” fit in with his old Shield brother Roman Reigns already sitting at the Head of the Table. Both were main event-level heels, demanding fealty from other members of the roster in exchange for the sacrifices they claimed to be making for the good of the entire sports entertainment business.

It took a few weeks, but it looks like Rollins has figured out how to differentiate himself. He’s doing it by leaning into one of the aspects of his personality and presentation he’s been criticized for in the past... being awkward and over-bearing on social media.

Seth debuted the new elements of his gimmick in this Twitter video on Monday:

“What’s up guys? I’m back. You know, I took a bit of a hiatus on my Twitter but the people asked -the people asked for it. I got lots of comments on the Instagram, lots of DMs, people saying, ‘Seth, when are you coming back to Twitter? We miss you on Twitter, your tweets were incredible! Lots of controversy from time to time, but we love the tweets, when you coming back?’

And I said, ‘No, no, no, I need to take a break, guys, I need to get off the Tweet Machine, you know? I gotta live life.’

I got my protein shake here, I just got out of the gym. Sunny California, beautiful day today, just got out of the gym, got a little tan on while I was out there, and got my protein shake, but I’m back. I am back on the Twitter Machine, just in time for WrestleMania. I wanted to say thank you guys for all your love and support. Embrace the vision, going to be a lot more of these to come, a lot more. But welcome back Rollins, welcome back! #WelcomeBackRollins!”

Annoying as hell, right? He’s also making outlandish claims, telling bad jokes, and using slang like your 40-something uncle (as a 40 something uncle-type myself, I can tell you Seth is bringing big thinks-he’s-still-cool-middle-aged-guy energy to this schtick)...

He’s also tying in the stylish-yet-too-much wardrobe choices he’s been making of late, and like a dude reacting to the birth of his first child by having a mid-life crisis would, quickly overusing the cool new word he just found out the kids are saying while bragging about his look:

He’s even out here ruining Steve Austin Day with his cheese...

Notice Seth’s new ALL CAPS tweeting style? That may be his most dastardly trick of them all...


Ahem, sorry.

Anyway, point is Seth’s not only differentiated himself from Roman. He’s done the time-honored wrestling trick of turning an element of himself up to 11 for his character. And it works.

On me anyway. I hate it, and for the right reasons... which is great.

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