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New Day fire back at fans who are tired of seeing them as tag champs

With nothing lined up for AJ Styles at WrestleMania 37, WWE opted to partner him up with his big buddy Omos for a Raw Tag title shot. That meant they needed babyfaces for them to work with... and probably an act that has more name value than Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin.

Enter: The New Day.

Both because it’s the nature of fandom to get tired of any one person/team being on top for too long, and because The Hurt Business is a cool act that a lot of folks have gotten behind over the past few months - Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods’ winning WWE Tag gold for the 11th time on Raw last night (Mar. 15) wasn’t met with universal praise.

To which ya boys say...

Kingston: A lot of people upset, ‘oh we tired of seeing New Day as the champs!’ Don’t be mad at us! Be mad at Cedric, be mad at Shelton for not being able to keep the tag team championship! Be mad at all your favorite tag teams for not being able to step up against ya boys! Be mad at them! Don’t be mad at us for doing our jobs!

Kofi’s got some bass in his voice here, but I think that’s just the adrenaline.

It’s not going to endear New Day to their critics. If they hang in there until a funny bit Woods does about their WrestleMania 37 opponent Omos (“AJ almost what? Are you trying to say homage? Like AJ’s paying homage to something? Oh! Giant Gonzales!”), maybe you’ll return to the bosom of The New Day.

But whether you put your hands together for them or not, they’re your W-W-E-World-Tag-Team-Champeons for the 11th time.

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