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Randy Orton vs. Alexa Bliss is official for Fastlane

A showdown between Alexa Bliss and Randy Orton is the logical conclusion to all the black goo vomiting and doppelgänger manifesting we’ve been seeing on Raw this year. Neither Bray Wyatt nor his Fiendish alter ego have made an appearance since being “burned alive” by Orton at TLC in December.

Still, the set-up for Fastlane seemed open-ended. Would it be a match? Something cinematic? Just a series of segments from Alexa’s pentagram?

There are still some questions, of course. It’s highly unlikely WWE is going to just let a man billed at 6’ 5”, 250 pounds lock-up with all 5 feet and 100 pounds of Lil Miss Bliss. But they’ve officially been added to the card on’s event page... so whatever form it ends up taking, it’s a match.

At WWE Fastlane, Randy Orton will go one-on-one with the demonic Alexa Bliss.

Over the years, Orton has heard the voices in his head and used them to help get inside the minds of his formidable list of adversaries with a sadistic demeanor equal only to his incredibly dangerous arsenal. Alexa Bliss has embraced the benefits of extreme psychological warfare when she became aligned with The Fiend to deliver some of the strangest and most shocking results imaginable.

When Orton burned The Fiend alive, Bliss took on the torch against Orton all by herself with a gruesome one-woman vendetta filled with mind games and voodoo-like mysticism. In the midst of chaotic back-and-forth that left a sea distraction in its wake on both sides, Orton failed to burn “Alexa’s Playground’s” resident after she covered herself in fuel and dared him to do it. The Viper blamed his own compassion and, as a result, WWE’s Apex Predator kicked it up a notch and met Bliss’ dark nature, as they continued to fight for both mind and soul.

On the March 15 edition of WWE Fastlane, Alexa Bliss proposed Randy finally end his nightmare and “kick her out of his life” at WWE Fastlane, a challenge The Legend Killer gleefully accepted.

Find out at who will prevail at WWE Fastlane on Sunday, March 21 at 7 ET/4 PT on Peacock and WWE Network.

Place your bets on how quickly Bray Wyatt crashes this party in the comments below. We’re setting the Over/Under on how long it takes for someone to vomit black goo at 3.5 minutes.

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