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Braun Strowman beaten up, humiliated by Shane McMahon

The build to Braun Strowman vs. Shane McMahon has been all about the latter calling the former a big stupid idiot who is very big and very stupid. He demonstrated this last week by calling him out and then running away.

This week, he just went ahead and beat him up by outsmarting him, baiting him into running head first into a camera, and then doing this:

Perhaps to demonstrate McMahon’s belief in Strowman’s intelligence level, he went full Nickelodeon by sliming him not long after:

So Strowman now looks not only dumb but incompetent. Par for the course for the big fella, who hasn’t exactly been booked well for some time now.

He recovered before McMahon made it to the back, enough to scream at him “I’m going to rip in half.” It sounded a lot like he said “I’m going to rip you an ass,” which may have actually salvaged this entire thing.

The inevitable match has yet to be made official.

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