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Lana to women complaining about lack of opportunities: Work harder

Lana’s Twitter

She and Naomi came up short last Monday on Raw, but that hasn’t deterred Lana from her quest to win a title in WWE.

In a post on social media yesterday (Mar. 14), she documented some of what she’s doing to try and make her dream a reality. Lana also sent a message to others working toward the same goal, people she doesn’t think are doing everything she is to achieve it:

“You guys are probably wondering why I look so tired right now. That’s because I’ve been traveling about 16 hours straight to get to Nattie’s training... No worries, didn’t sleep, took a red-eye, then had to drive two hours to get here. But, if I want to be good - want to be champion.

“Some might say I’m obsessed, which - can’t say I disagree with you. But, you know, I want to be good and I feel like I might be a little less talented than a lot of other people, but I just gotta keep on training, gotta keep on moving, gotta keep in learning, keep on getting better than I was yesterday.”

It’s a message that will go over well with her boss. Will it go over well with the locker room? Is it a subtweet at someone else on Raw who just publicly spoke about not getting an opportunity? If it is, is it in service of a storyline between them?

Let us know what you think.

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