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Vince just banned thigh slaps and BTE is already spoofing it

Being The Elite’s YouTube

A couple weeks back, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter had an item about a ban on thigh slaps at WWE.

Wrestlers slapping their legs to add a sound effect to worked kicks is something that’s been around for a long time. But over the last few years, it’s become synonymous with an independent wrestling style that’s criticized and/or joked about by “old school” types like Jim Ross, Randy Orton and FTR.

It’s one it seems Vince McMahon has had enough of. Last week’s Observer Newsletter had more details on WWE’s newest rule. While Dave Meltzer didn’t reveal the identity of the performer, it was said to be a “big wrestler” from SmackDown who did a sloppy leg slap recently and upset the Chairman. A sign reading “Do not slap leg when kicking” was put up backstage at ThunderDome, and fines have been issued. Fans have noticed some frequent thigh slappers haven’t used the move in their most recent matches (like NXT’s Adam Cole), while others (SmackDown’s Murphy and Jey Uso) still have. Word backstage is that most of the roster thinks this will blow over before too long, similar to a McMahon dictum about matches not stretching across multiple segments a few years ago.

We’ll see how long the leg slap “ban” lasts. We don’t have to wait for AEW to make fun of the rule on Being The Elite, though! That happened on the latest episode of The Young Bucks’ YouTube show.

If you’re not keeping up on BTE continuity (and if you don’t have time to add another 20 - 30 minutes of wrestling adjacent content to your schedule, you can keep up with it in Manolo’s weekly AEW Rewind feature before every Dynamite), Big Money Matt Hardy is carnying money out of just about everyone, including by renting the locker room at Daily’s Place to select talent. His newest money making scheme is close to Vince’s new rule, and a particularly funny Christopher Daniels joke during this week’s open triggered a fine against Matt Jackson...

Being The Elite on YouTube

Nick Jackson: That’s a weird ass rule to do, like, on the boys.

Matt Hardy: Look, you young kids, you’re obsessed with slapping your leg! I knew it would be an easy way to make some cash, so - don’t do it again.

Nick: Huh. Maybe that’s why VKM did that as well.

Matt Jackson: This place is getting too corporate.

Pro wrestling, everybody.

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