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Mickie James makes a good point about age and gender in wrestling

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The reigning WWE champion is 44 years old. Someone ten years older than that challenged for that belt at Royal Rumble. Speaking of the Rumble, the dude who won that match and will challenge for the Universal title at WrestleMania 37? He’s 47.

And that’s just here in the Americas.

Mickie James, on the other hand, is 41. She’s signed to WWE but currently not assigned to either the Raw or SmackDown roster. James’ last television appearance was on Raw “Legends Night”, which came along with rumors the company considered her retired. She did work Royal Rumble after that, but hasn’t been used since.

All that background isn’t even necessary to realize that Mickie is making good points in these tweets...

Older male wrestlers do get some flak to go along with the glory, but even when fans are complaining about Goldberg or even Edge being in the main event, there is an element of the glorification James refers to. Female wrestlers rarely get the chance to be marveled at for their longevity or criticized for sticking around too long.

Perhaps we’re starting to see that change, though. Mercedes Martinez, Meiko Satomura, ODB and Emi Sakura are among 40 something women getting prominent spots outside of Raw and SmackDown. Asuka, Tamina, James and others have proven motherhood doesn’t have to signal the end of a wrestling career. Hopefully, we’ll see the gender gap close when it comes to age, and maybe someday we’ll see Rhea Ripley vs. Birdie Danielson at WrestleMania 60.

If it’s going to, finding something for an all-timer like Mickie James to do on Raw or SmackDown would be a great way to start.

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