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Big E promises to beat Apollo Crews at Fastlane - and every challenger on the road to WrestleMania 38

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Big E wasn’t done dropping bombs after the Mar. 12 SmackDown. The sneak attack beat down from Apollo Crews - and some mind games from Paul Heyman - inspired some big promises from the Intercontinental champion heading into his defense against Crews at Fastlane next weekend. And beyond.

The news that Crews accepted his title match challenge didn’t lift his spirits, and a clearly pissed off E arrived as the final guest of this week’s Talking Smack. After weeks of Heyman’s challenges and pep talks to both Apollo and himself on this show, the champ asked Heyman if this - the feud between the two men - was what he wanted.

Roman Reigns’ special counsel replied that this was what he told E his life would become after he won the belt. He used that “spoiler” to tempt the New Day-er to hire Jimmy Uso as his own protection, and presumably taking a seat at Reigns’ table in the process.

Our man Large Epsilon was not interested. In fact, he made some bold promises for not only Fastlane... but beyond.

“I have learned a lot from you, Paul. I’ve learned about how shark infested these waters, they really are. But you see this is my Intercontinental championship. This is mine, and I’m going to beat, ha ha, I’m gonna beat Apollo Crews. I’m gonna decimate Apollo Crews, I’m gonna embarrass Apollo Crews at Fastlane, I’m going to defend my title - my Intercontinental title - and I’m going to walk into WrestleMania and I’m going to defend this Intercontinental championship, and then I will hold this for an entire calendar year, and I will come back in 2022 at WrestleMania and I will stand there deserving, beyond a shadow of a doubt, deserving that Universal championship opportunity - that shot - I’ll deserve it more than anyone. And I will stand in that ring and if Roman Reigns does indeed still hold that title, that will be my match. It’ll be mine. And when I walk out of WrestleMania 2022 as double champ - Universal champion and still your Intercontinental champion - I beat Roman Reigns, or whoever holds that title. Then we’ll talk.”

Another good promo, filled with some big talk. If it was meant to intimidate Heyman in any way though, it didn’t seem to work.

Intrigued? Think there’s any chance E has a year long IC title reign? Any interest in him facing Roman in Texas next April?

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