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Stephanie McMahon: WWE making ‘big efforts right now’ to hire more female writers

About six months ago, shortly after her father and boss Vince McMahon committed to diversifying the company’s workforce, WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon admitted they needed to hire more women writers.

Since that time, WWE did hire a woman for one of the highest ranking creative positions, bringing in Christine Lubrano as Senior Vice President of Creative Writing Operations. Other than that, we haven’t seen the payoff for something Steph said they were “actively working on.”

Admittedly, not every writing hire makes the news. But the ones we’ve heard about - including one this week - have been more men.

The CBO offered an update to the same outlet she gave the original quote to, Digital Spy. She touts the Lubrano hire, but other than that, this sounds a lot like what she said last summer:

“Hiring in the writing room is really important because it has previously been a fairly male-dominated writing room and there are big efforts right now to change that.

“I don’t have the stats off the top of my head. So I’m not sure how many women we’ve hired since we started but I know it’s several, including a senior ranking VP [Lubrano] who’s in charge of many different aspects of making sure that the creative and partnerships and all lines of business are all working together.

“So there’s a been a huge movement. And for both men and women we are always looking to improve our storylines no matter what and improve our character development.”

Hopefully, this is more than just well-crafter soundbites from McMahon. Different voices on the creative team should lead to a more interesting product, and one that appeals to more than just WWE’s aging audience of diehards.

Of course, as long as Vince is the final say on everything we see on screen, maybe it won’t matter. But it would nice to see this big efforts pay off... if only to find out if giving the Chairman more choices results in something new from WWE.

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