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Ben Carter’s new WWE name isn’t much more exciting than Ben Carter

Thanks to a handful of AEW and Impact appearances, NXT UK’s Ben Carter made a name for himself even before his WWE signing was announced last year.

So fans could connect the performer to those buzz-worthy bouts, Carter got to work a handful of matches on the London-based black-and-gold show under his real name. But WWE gonna WWE, and especially considering the trouble they’ve been having copywriting wrestlers’ names of late, this reveal on the Mar. 11 episode of NXT UK isn’t a huge surprise...

It’s a fine enough name, I suppose. Doesn’t particularly jump out at you, but the idea is probably to let Carter, er, I mean Frazer’s work speak for itself.

And hey, this way when he gets called up to the main roster and is forced to drop the Nathan, he can use “Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs” as his entrance music!

Anyway, give us your thoughts on the latest WWE name change in the comments below.

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