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The Undertaker is hunting for lost treasure with Triple H

Last month, A&E and WWE Studios announced new details about their upcoming show titled WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures.

The premise of the show is that WWE’s rich history is filled with all kinds of iconic memorabilia that has been lost for decades, so various WWE legends are teaming up with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to hunt down these coveted items.

The first trailer for the show was revealed today, and it gives you a slightly better sense for how the show will be presented:

In the trailer, Stephanie McMahon says that, “we’re sending out the greatest WWE legends of all-time to search for memorabilia they made famous.” The trailer kicks off with Undertaker very excited about the idea of finding Kane’s original mask. A couple of other lost items mentioned include Mankind’s original shirt and a special Ric Flair robe.

I didn’t see anything in the trailer about Razor Ramon’s original toothpick, Carlito’s original apple, Deacon Batista’s lockbox, or the baby that was punted by Gene Snitsky, but I’m sure those were just simple oversights.

WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures premieres on Sunday, April 18. Which pieces of WWE memorabilia would you love for them to hunt down?

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